Dog Daycare

Our daycare services are perfect when you can’t hang out with your pup.

While you’re working, your doggie can socialize and have fun, eliminating the anxiety that being left alone can bring to our canine companions.

Our daycare facility lets your dog run, play and mingle with other great pups in order to keep them happy and healthy while improving their social skills.

Woodlands Doggie Village is a doggie-centered daycare where the focus is on making your pup feel at home. They can run, play and express their wonderful personalities in a safe, secure environment.

Our facilities cater to the needs of all dogs big and small. We’re sure your pet companion will love it here and hope that you connect with us to show you why,

Dog Grooming

Need a hair cut? Nails needs a trim? Does your pup need a doggie spa day?

We offer a variety of dog grooming services that are just right for your puppy or dog. First, choose a Dog Bath or Dog Groom Package, then personalize your dog’s pet salon experience by selecting an Add-On Package, Premium Shampoo & Conditioner and/or an individual Nails, Paws, Teeth & Ears Service.

At The Woodlands Doggie Village, our dog groomers will personally meet with you to discuss your pet’s specific needs and recommend just the right dog grooming service to polish up your pup!

Due to different dog breeds, condition of coat and time needed to complete services, grooming package prices are determined after your dog is assessed at the our pet salon.

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