Day trip? Try our doggie daycare. Pup need a polish? We offer dog grooming.

If you have to rush out of town for work or simply need a day to get things done, let your dog hang out with the other pups at our dog daycare inside Woodlands Doggie Village. We know you don’t want to leave your pooch, if even for a day, but life (and work) happens and that’s where we come in. Our large doggie-centered facility lets your fur baby run, play and mingle with other great pups in order to keep them happy and healthy while improving their social skills. Dogs are typically social animals, so being around other pups is the ideal substitute if you have to be somewhere where they can’t go.

If your doggie doesn’t necessarily need daycare right now, but could use a trim, nail clipping or complete beauty overhaul – we can make that happen! We offer several grooming packages, so if your dog simply needs a quick shampoo or something more complex, we can polish up your pup in no time!

Woodlands Doggie Village is a doggie-centered daycare where the focus is on making your pup feel at home. They can run, play and express their wonderful personalities in a safe, secure environment. Our facilities cater to the needs of all dogs big and small. We’re sure your pet companion will love it here and hope that you connect with us to show you why,

There's No Place Like Home... But This Is Close!

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